Tag, You’re It

Ian Lurie Feb 17 2007

You're It!Apparently we have a game of online tag going on. John Cass tagged me.

I’m to tag five other people. No mean feat on a Saturday morning without any caffeine, but here goes. I may not look like much, but I’m wiry…

(Ian goes running around the blog playground)

Ha! Jeremiah, you’re it!

And so is John Battelle, you’re it too.

And imnotadoctor, Brian Keith, and Nina Restieri.

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  1. Ian, you are also supposed to post five things we do not know about you.

  2. ian


    Sorry, didn’t know that. Here you go:
    One: I have both Bach and Marilyn Manson on my iPod.
    Two: I was born in London (Surrey, actually) England.
    Three: I’m learning to play guitar (sort of).
    Four: My only speeding ticket ever was on a bicycle.
    Five: I am an avowed chocolate addict.

  3. Ian how the hell did you catch me!?
    I am a word class sprinter!

  4. The speeding ticket is amazing, what was the story behind that one?

  5. ian


    Back when I was far younger and more immortal, I put a disc wheel on my road bike and went down a hill in Torrance, CA called Hawthorne Bl.
    It’s about 1-2 miles, with some parts where the grade is over 5% (if memory serves).
    I hit 55+ mph in a 35 zone. The police officer who pulled me over said he wouldn’t have, except that I passed a bus on the left…

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