The 10-5-10 social media routine: You must matter

Ian Lurie Feb 24 2012

These are the annotated slides from my presentation at SEMPDX Searchfest today. I talked about social media, having a productive routine and building a powerful campaign without sucking up 4 hours a day:

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  1. So simple and neat… Thanks for sharing this presentation! It would have been awesome to listen your talk at the SEMPDX Searchfest.

  2. Great talk, Ian. But where are the slides of crashing cyclists? Just say no to sloppy glue jobs!
    Seriously, thanks for your willingness to share your knowledge and advice (especially during cocktail hour). It must be gratifying to know what you do…matters.
    Ride on.

  3. I watch slide show presentation. Well done. I must use and Klout more often. There is a lot social media websites as well as social bookmarking ones.

  4. Ian, in terms of insights, this is right up there with Slay the Monsters from EMME con

    • Ian Lurie



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