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Ian Lurie Sep 10 2004

Editor’s Note: Lenora Edwards is helping build the concept of Conversation Marketing – as part of that she’s working with me in organizing and running the upcoming Conversation Marketing Colloquium. Read on to get her thoughts on marketing in general, Conversation Marketing specifically, and why dogs like dog food…

I am so excited about our Conversation Marketing Colloquium!

We’re creating a roundtable, if you will, of ten to twelve bright individuals who are charged with the responsibility of developing and maintaining a profitable e-marketing strategy for their companies. It’s based on Ian’s “conversation marketing” methodology, which has made him consistently get results for his clients.

What is Conversation Marketing? Well, we all know what a conversation is, right? It’s the most respectful way to market a product or service. Seriously, we marketing people all love to gab and the reason we’re good at it is that it is an exchange of information, where we get to persuade, inform,sell, etc., all while watching our audience to make sure they “get it,” while respecting their time and attention. And if they don’t, i.e., the dogs aren’t eating the dog food, we can adjust our approach until we get signals that it’s working.

Well, marketing on the web can be done in the same way: The internet is a highly interactive medium, where you can track the audience’s response to your messaging so that you can adjust so that you are getting the results that you want, whether it’s about selling more products/services, reducing costs by using the cheapest medium there is, or keeping your customers informed about the latest.

We’re finding that lots of sharp marketing people are still a bit baffled by the web. We all know how to engage the audience using those other mediums:

With print, you make a statement.

With radio, you entertain.

With television, you hypnotize.

With the internet, the best way to maximize your efforts and get results is you have a conversation. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is and we want to spread the word.

Back to the colloquium: We wanted to create a way for a small group of people to take their company’s website and use it as a case study while actually creating and implementing a plan that gets results. The colloquium is a series of meetings, held over a nine month period where the group meets regularly and is given step by step direction, while being able to interact with their peers and Ian is there, directing this “group consulting” effort. (The colloquium will be limited to ten or twelve individuals so that there can be maximum participation.)

Basically,it’s a very inexpensive way to engage Ian as a consultant to your company (at about one tenth of the cost) while you build your tool box as a marketing professional, wow your boss with your new expertise and oh, yeah–get the results you’ve been hounded about on your website.
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