Title tags, text and images, Oh My! This week’s video site review

Ian Lurie Aug 31 2009

Evan Fishkin joined me today to review SilverArcSearchMarketing.com.
Our big pointers: Cleaner title tags, better image compression and some work on internal site linking.

Title tags and graphics and text, Oh My! Review of Silver Arch Search Marketing from ian lurie on Vimeo.

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  1. Ian and Evan:
    Thanks for the breakdown on the site. Extremely helpful. I’ve taken your advice on the bold text; it definitely did “scream” a bit much.
    I’ve switched out the homepage images (the main is a little like I would picture Al Pacino if he were a suit in “Scarface”). Eventually, I’ll have to rock Photoshop on them, but Smush.it most certainly shrunk them down, as well as on the interior pages too. Should, hopefully load a bit faster.
    As for the dupe homepage issue, I’m working in ModX right now as a platform. I’ll have to dig a bit deeper as to how to cut the “index.html” from the URL. (You’d think it would be simple. Not so much) For usability’s sake, I’m letting the image still be clickable, but should have that whipped back into shape in no time. (Note: I saw it after I launched, and had issues correcting it. Now I really do have to fix it. ;-)
    The title tags have gone through tons of revisions. The end result, was a too much redundancy on the geo-location. I’ll have to do another sweep and focus a bit harder on page segmentation.
    Once again, thanks for the site review. Tremendous advice.

  2. Brett


    Great job. I love things like this. I’ve never heard the wwwdomain.com suggestion.
    The image issues were surprising to say the least.

  3. Ian


    @Anthony Glad we could help. On the index.html linking issue, if you can set up a 301 redirect, that accomplish much of the same.

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