Top 7 Signs You Have An Online Enemy

Ian Lurie Apr 26 2007

find an enemyCopyblogger says one great way to bond with your prospects is by finding a common enemy.

(I’ll point out here that my personality makes it easier for me to count my friends than my enemies, so we’ll leave me out of this.)

I love the concept. And I can prove it. We launched a blog: It’s fun, a little cheeky maybe, but fun.

But we didn’t get a whole lot of interest at first.

Then another blog,, published a bit about us. That launched a lighthearted blog war. The results have been great for us – traffic is up by about 20%.

How do you know if you’ve got an enemy? Here are 7 signs:

  1. Your stomach hurts when you see their web site.
  2. When someone asks an innocent question about a company/person/organization, you launch into a 5-minute tirade.
  3. You have dreams of being a superhero and ending their evil reign of terror.
  4. When you chat with them, you smile. With lots of teeth.
  5. You tell everyone you really respect the company in question.
  6. You’re reasonably sure there Oughta Be A Law.
  7. You want to hang a billboard advertising your services. On their building.

Seriously, read Copyblogger’s post before you do anything. He’s got great advice.

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