Trees, Chunking, and Oversimplifying

Ian Lurie Sep 27 2007

Seth points us to a diagram by Aaron at SEOBook. He explains that it’s too complex. I agree.

But it’s also too simple.

It ignores the back-and-forth. Things don’t just feed outward like that, and I’m always leery of this kind of stuff – how many people will see this and take it as marketing gospel?

Aaron has lots of great stuff, but this one’s off the mark.

If I may be so bold, I think a diagram showing effectiveness by type of vehicle, and the interrelationships, is more effective. Sorta like this one: click here.

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  1. I have to admit it was tough to digest on a screen, but then I believe, if it were printed out, it would appear a lot simpler and easier to take in.
    It’s obviously not the be all and end all of marketing but I do think it’s still of value.

  2. ian


    Hi Adam,
    It’s definitely of value as long as the reader considers what they’re looking at. I always worry with this stuff that internet marketing newbies will see this and just latch onto it.

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