Video: Google Webmaster Tools (Reality TV Version)

Ian Lurie Jan 2 2008

Google’s webmaster tools are a great search marketing tool. But they’re also a fantastic internet marketing tool, because they let you peek into the heads of your audience, and see how search engines (and probably your customers) are classifying you.
I recorded a brief video about it, and provided some quick guidance on getting set up:

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Or watch the hi-res version here. Note that it’s 61 megabytes – not a quick download.

This was indeed the reality TV version of my webcast. No script, plus my kids and their friends playing in the background. They were playing Harry Potter, so if you hear screams of “expecto patronum!” that’s why. I was not being attacked by dementors.

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  1. doug


    Thank you Ian for the great info and blog. I just found it, but plan on revisiting regularly – Thnx.

  2. Greg


    Ian, this is a great video, thanks. I have a question: You say it’s “depressing” that Google hasn’t crawled your site in three days. In my case, Google crawls my site about once in every TEN days! What can I do to decrease the amount of time between crawls? Thanks.

  3. Ian


    @Greg the more often you publish, the more often Google will crawl, especially if you have more sites linking to you. I’ve started consistently publishing new content every day. Google now recrawls my site daily, too…

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