Web 2.0 – For the Love of All That’s Holy…

Ian Lurie Aug 11 2007



Stop using the phrase ‘web 2.0’!!!! Stop! Stopstopstopstopstop.

I can’t take it any more! This is not some magical leap forward on the internet. Nor is it a thing.

“Web 2.0” is a fiction – it’s a phrase someone made up in an attempt to differentiate their stuff from your stuff. It’s an attempt to turn 10 years of slow, hard evolution in web interactivity into a one-step. And it’s an attempt to attract unsuspecting venture capitalists.

Even worse, now some folks are using ‘web 3.0’. Gaaauuugh!

So, from now on, before you write or say ‘web 2.0’, pretend there is a large, troll-like creature behind you. Every time you say ‘web 2.0’, it is going to hit you with a big, spiky club.

Don’t believe me? Then believe Chris Pirillo.

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  1. I have always loathed internet catchphrases. Web 2.0 is just a sensationalist phrase, it really serves no purpose. Nice to see other people getting frustrated with its use.

  2. Seeing this on a marketing blog carries so much more punch than a random tech blog. Just as Chris said, it’s excellent to see the veil removed from this seemingly elusive-technology-turned-buzz-word.
    Besides, everyone knows that Web 3.0 is where it’s at now. 2.0 was so last year…

  3. ian


    Yes, but I’m ahead, because MY company is working on Web 3.01234342352345!

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