Website Launch Checklist

Ian Lurie Mar 21 2007

blastoffYou’ve got your new site. You’re so dang proud of it. And today it goes live!

OK, now what? Here are six things you should always do when launching a new web site.

Note: They’re all free.

  1. Download Xenu Link Sleuth (Windows only, sorry) and check your site for busted links. Of course you already did that before launch, but you never know what happens when you move a site from your computer to a server, or launch your blog. Things change. Make sure you check.
  2. Test your contact us link or form (you have one, right?). Make sure those messages really get to the designated person.
  3. Set up a Yahoo account, if you don’t have one, and then add your site to Yahoo Site Explorer. Authenticate it by following Yahoo’s instructions. That’ll give you data from Yahoo about any issues that prevent the engine from ‘crawling’ your web site, as well as statistics about incoming links, etc..
  4. If your site has an RSS feed, submit that to Yahoo Site Explorer.
  5. Set up a Google account, if you don’t have one, and then authenticate your site using Google’s webmaster tools. Google will then provide the same kind of data as Yahoo regarding search issues, links and such.
  6. Create a Google Sitemap. Some folks say you shouldn’t, but I’m a firm believer in putting lots of information out there.

There you go.

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  1. Deepak Saxena

    Deepak Saxena

    This is really good. I liked it.

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