What Is Internet Marketing? A Lesson in 4 Acts

Ian Lurie May 30 2007

Ever build a site, show it to an search engine optimization pro, and hear “Sorry, we’ll have to start over.”?

Or have your IT team design the site, and watch it sell nothing for a year?

Or give in to your sales department’s demand for a registration form, and notice that no one seems to register?

Here’s why that happens:

An SEO professional would like my blog to have 10,000 incoming links, and look like this:

Good for SEO but not usability

Great for SEO. Not so good for the user experience.
A designer might want my site to look more like this:



Nice window dressing, but why?
And developers, of course, would want to use what they believe to be the best technologies:



I’m sure it’s great, but I can’t see it. And no one else will, either.

Oh, and the salesperson wants your site to look like this:

sales copywriter

Gotta get the leads before anyone gets to see the goods. Except this way, no one will see the goods.

There are more. But you get the picture.

An internet marketer sits everyone down, bangs their heads together, and makes sure that your strategy balances everything: Marketing, sales, search, development issues, and more. We create the strategy. That’s internet marketing.

Without it, you can execute great search marketing, or win a Webby for your design, or send your developer to a conference to present their project. But you can’t create a compelling campaign.

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  1. It’s like Voltron! Internet marketing is like Voltron.
    I have definitely seen a bunch of sites that sway one of these ways and have stopped and thought “what in the world were they thinking?”. Gotta have all the pieces of the puzzle fit together, for sure.

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