When NOT to Spend

Ian Lurie Jan 29 2007

I talked a client out of hiring us for two projects today.

Before you wonder if I’ve cracked, here’s why: Their site isn’t up to standards as far as design and usability. And it’s coded in such a way that we can’t work around usability issues with landing pages.

Investing $30,000 in a marketing campaign, only to have folks come to the site and then leave, isn’t worth it.

If you have doubts about your site’s ability to convert leads or sales, check that, first. Your site is the foundation of your internet marketing campaign. Spending to attract visitors won’t work if the foundation is shaky.

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  1. Laura


    That is where I was with a prospect a few weeks ago!
    And even though I was as diplomatic as possible, I could tell that my “overhaul your site first” advice hurt them.
    Bad news can sting — especially when you think you are going to hear good news.
    But if your prospect is anything like mine, they will call back after the wounds begin to heal.
    The conversation continues…

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