Who Runs The Web Site?

Ian Lurie Mar 22 2007

IT? Or Marketing? Or Sales?

The IT Department is buried with infrastructure tasks, security concerns and support. No one else at the company can do what they do. And they have no time to do anything else.

The marketing department is responsible for making sure people know the company when they need what it provides.

The sales department is responsible for converting those people to customers.

If you ask the IT department to fix/change the web site, you’ll be in line behind those security and infrastructure concerns. Rightfully so. If your internal network fails, or is breached, the web site won’t really be a concern, will it?

If you give the sale department a change to the web site, they’ll probably give it to the marketing department, or work with them to improve upon it and implement it.

If you give the marketing department a change to the web site, they have every incentive to consider the change, improve upon it, and implement it. If they don’t act that way, it’s time to find a new marketing department.

The marketing team runs the web site. In 12 years, I’ve never seen a successful web campaign run by any other portion of a company.

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  1. Our church (I’m the web guy Ed) created a web site with justhost.com and people draged there feet and let it expire. Now they want to use the same domain name and I am told no one can have it for 90 days. I recerched a little and read stories of people buying up domain names at just the right time that expired hoping to sell them back at big profit. Can we get the domain name back during the grace period at regular price?
    Hope you can help Ed Pearson

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