Why not?

Ian Lurie Jun 18 2015

TL;DR: I wrote my very first Medium post ever. It’s about marketing leadership and getting to “Why not?” Click here to read it.

Any smart organization has the risk-takers and the risk-averse. That’s a very necessary balance. If all you have are risk-takers you’ll probably run aground in a hurry. If everyone on your team is risk-averse, you probably won’t make any progress.

As Internet marketers, we’re usually called upon to be the risk takers. We charge in with all sorts of ideas for change. We assume everyone will fall all over themselves to implement those ideas. But they don’t.

That’s because they are doing their jobs!

To lead organizations towards stronger branding and growth and all the other good things that come with smart Internet marketing, we have to change the conversation from:

“Why should I do this risky thing?”


“What are the risks if I do not do this risky thing?”

That’s what I talk about in my very first Medium post ever. Click here to read it.