Why Blog?

Ian Lurie Feb 22 2007

John Cass has an excellent post about why you blog. It’s in response to someone who’s giving up on blogging.

I love the points:

  1. It doesn’t have to be about straight-up income generation. Blogs are excellent customer relationship tools, not to mention a fantastic way to establish yourself.
  2. Just because everyone can blog doesn’t mean it’s “pedestrian”. Is talking pedestrian? No, but a conversation can be.
  3. Giving opinions makes blogging ‘messy’, true. But that’s what makes it great. Companies get valuable feedback. Politicians can learn what their electorate is thinking.

There’s more. I suggest you read it on John’s blog, PR Communications.

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  1. Thanks Ian, I thought it had to be said, especially when I read one of Dee’s blog readers state his thoughts were giving them pause for thought about business blogging.

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