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Ian Lurie Apr 4 2011

If you want a great product, solve a problem. At least that’s what “they” tell me.
So, I want to know: What’s the biggest problem you have with internet marketing?
Answer this teeny little survey, and you get a chance to win one of two free sets of all of the Conversation Marketing e-books: Conversation Marketing, The SEO Copywriting Guide, and the Fat-Free Guide to Google Analytics. $30 of ebooks, for 2 minutes of your time:
Take the survey
Survey ends on April 8. I’ll draw the lucky winner then.
Yes, you’re giving me your e-mail address. No, I won’t spam you. After this survey’s over, you’ll get three e-mails:

  1. The first will tell you if you won the e-book set.
  2. The second will send you the results of the survey.
  3. The third will invite you to sign up for the newsletter.

Then you’ll never hear from me again. Unless you read my blog, of course.
Take the survey

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