Yahoo! Is! In! Trouble!

Ian Lurie

Yahoo! is in big, big trouble.

I know Danny Sullivan wrote a great piece about how Yahoo! is not dead yet. But he also points out, in the same article, that it’s sort of up to Yahoo! to make sure everyone knows they’re not internet roadkill just yet.

Most important (to me, anyway) is that they convince me, the internet marketer, that they’re still alive.

Yahoo! is screwed

Alas. From where I sit, Yahoo! is lying in the middle of the pavement, yellow line drawn right over their butt, tongue hanging out in a pretty good imitation of the newly dead.

Case in point: About 8 or 10 weeks ago, I sent a note to Yahoo! asking if they’d add Conversation Marketing to Yahoo! Buzz. I never heard back.

That’s bad enough. I mean, I’m hardly an A-lister, but I’m not just any jackass, either. I’m a jackass with clients who buy advertising. You’d think Yahoo! would want to at least send me a rejection note.

But it gets better. Today, I got this:

Yahoo! is screwed

Note the godawful creative. Not only am I married, I’m also heterosexual. And I’m a geek – when I pick up a drill my wife calls the ER to reserve a space. They could have picked a worse image, I guess, if they’d shown me Dolph Lungren skinning a deer or something…

The key language: “…prepare to launch out of beta in the coming months…”


To launch a web application that’s been built many times before.


You @#$)(*[email protected] losers. Ten other social networks will have launched, been acquired for $100 million and shut down by the time you launch Buzz. If you can’t get Yahoo! Buzz up and running after all this time, then you are well and truly finished.

Go download a copy of Pligg and use that. You can have a site up in a couple weeks.

People need to stop bitching about Google being evil. If you want evil, look at Yahoo!’s current ‘leadership’ and what they’ve done to a great company.
And yes, this e-mail annoyed the heck out of me. What was your first clue?

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Ian Lurie

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  1. Well, come on now. Maybe you’re just not their target demographic? Doncha know that most Internet Marketers are women who spend their spare time watching home makeover shows? 😉

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