Offline to Online Marketing Webinar Now Available

Ian Lurie

Slideshare saves the day.
After spending 3 days trying to convert this presentation to a slides-with-audio recording, dealing with endless Keynote bugs, I had given up. I uploaded the slides sans audio. But then I noticed Slideshare lets me sync up audio with the slides. Woo hoo!
You can listen to the audio-only version here: Webinar in MP3 Format [18 meg]
And the slides, with audio, are here:

Moving Your Offline Marketing Budget Online

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By the way, I have a much-neglected podcast feed that includes about 18-20 other podcasts, presentations and the like. It’s here.

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  1. I was very positively impressed by the intro Webinar presented by Ian regarding the shift from offline to online advertising. I’m sold that Ian is a master relative to online advertising.
    As our business grows, I will keep this information in mind.
    Important (from my standpoint) Elements Discussed:
    -Setting Baseline (What is good?)
    -Lifetime value of a customer
    -Transition strategy
    -Protecting the brand
    -Smart People more valuable than skilled people
    -Tests: What is a single click worth?
    -What is their analytic strategy
    -This is not a miraculous method
    Great stuff.

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