Sell the way your customers want to buy

Ian Lurie

Linda Lybert knows sales. I mean she really knows sales, the way a history professor knows history.

She wrote a brilliant, brief white paper about sales, titled “Are you going to sell to me the way you want to sell or the way I want to buy?”, and she was kind enough to give me a copy to distribute, for free, from my blog.

What I like most about her writing and philosophy is that she takes something that should be obvious, but isn’t, raps you gently on the forehead and says “LISTEN UP”.

In this white paper, she goes over why most businesses end up selling the way they want to, not the way their customers want to buy. She then explains how to fix it, one step at a time. And she digs deeper in a few places to help you really understand the whys and hows of it all.

Download the article here – no strings attached, no form to fill out.

Pass this around – Linda’s message is clear, and it’s important.

If you like what she has to say, drop her a line. She can, without a doubt, help you grow your business.

This is not a paid, sponsored or otherwise bribed post. Linda is dang smart and has good stuff to say. Same way I liked Chris Brogan’s Trust Agents. Hopefully we can get Linda blogging, so we’ll see more good stuff.

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