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8 Aug, 2018

Creating Kick-Ass Marketing Reports Through Progressive Detail

By Ian Lurie

Marketing reports damage my car. Sometimes, when I walk out of a meeting, usually a quarterly or monthly There-Is-A-Very-Important-Person-In-The-Room kind of meeting, I head to my car. I close the door. I crank up the radio. Then I punch the roof as hard as I can while screaming “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.” Most of the time, that’s because… Read More

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22 Mar, 2004

Yahoo’s New Rules

By Ian Lurie

With Yahoo’s new search engine comes a new set of rules. In case you didn’t know, Yahoo no longer uses Google to drive web search results. They’re using their own search engine, and they’ve combined it with their anti-spam technology to really crack down on sites that use anything resembling questionable tactics. If you: Duplicate… Read More

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21 Mar, 2004

What is conversation marketing?

By Ian Lurie

A few years ago, John Cass – one of the best Internet and permission marketers I know – and I were sitting around trying to figure out how to describe this business. Internet communications is half PR (as John will tell you), a quarter marketing and a quarter technology. What separates the Internet from other… Read More

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20 Mar, 2004

Hits, Sessions and Visits: Reading A Traffic Report Accurately

By Ian Lurie

Standard web analytics packages, such as WebTrends, Urchin and Webalizer, provide a wealth of information about your site's performance. But which information matters? Hits? Visits? Pageviews? Sessions? Maybe all of the above, but you need to understand what each statistic means if you're going to make sense of it all.

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15 Feb, 2004

Google Still Supreme?

By Ian Lurie

Google’s had a lot of shake-ups recently. The now-infamous Florida Update gave a lot of search engine optimization firms hives. IPO rumors (now confirmed) have folks wondering about Google’s long-purported neutrality. And now Yahoo/Inktomi and Microsoft are lining up to compete. What does it all mean? Most likely, that Google will change the rules yet… Read More

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24 Aug, 2003

Keep It Simple

By Ian Lurie

Ian Lurie - 8.24.03
Designing for everyone can be painful - if your monitor can display 1200 pixels across, why not design a site that fills it? Here's why...  

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1 Aug, 2003

Arnold for Guv: A perfect example of accidental spam

By Ian Lurie

Ian Lurie - 08.23.03
Spam is hard to define, but it's easy to create. Even by accident. See how some Arnold Schwarzenegger supporters took an easy e-mail campaign right over the border into spamville.

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