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Michael Wiegand Jul 13 2011

Make ad decisions faster!

Make ad decisions faster!

A few weeks back, I wrote a guest post on PPC Hero about the Profit per Impression (PPI) metric.

In the post, I talk about calculating PPI manually using an Excel Spreadsheet.

To that end, I created a free spreadsheet to do just that: the Ad Comparison Tool!

How does the Ad Comparison Tool work?

You supply the impressions, cost and revenue data for up to 10 ads you’re testing:

Just "Paste as Values" into the tool.

What does the Ad Comparison Tool give you?

Based on your ad data, the tool will automatically calculate PPI and a Confidence rating telling you how trustworthy that PPI stat is:

Let the the tool help you make decisions!

Download the Ad Comparison Tool

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  1. Chris Hall

    Chris Hall

    Cheers, Ian & Co. I have tweeted it…

    Love the conversation marketing blog, btw :-)

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