Taking the Microsoft AdExcellence Exam Part 3

Ready to move on to Targeting? This one is a short one, but it’s an important one, so here we go, one step closer to taking the adExcellence exam!

Targeting (3:24)

Targeting has several optional features that will make your campaigns more effective like geo-targeting, day of the week, hours of the day, gender and age.

  • Specifically on geo-targeting the USA, UK, Canada and France have the capability to target by country, region, state/province, metro areas, cities/towns. Also mentioned was that the country of Singapore can only be targeted by the whole country.
  • A user’s time zone is determined by IP lookup.
  • Targeting can be set at campaign and ad group levels, if you set targeting at the ad group level, it will overrides the campaign settings.
  • Incremental bids are glossed over in this section as in you can do them and the example showed a 50% increase. Not the best example…

Keyword Match Options (6:06)

If you’re a seasoned PPC veteran, there’s nothing new here- definitions of the types, examples of what will show and what won’t and how to edit match types in the adCenter interface.

  • Broad, Phrase, Exact and Negative matches available.
  • Broad is the setting by default and will show for synonyms. Meant to reach a wider audience.
  • Phrase is to “help prevent ads from being displayed for irrelevant keyword variations.”
  • Exact is to lower costs, has fewer impressions and a higher CTR.
  • Can bid differently for the different match types.

Content Ads (5:02)

Content ads are only available in the US and ads are placed on “high quality websites” owned by Microsoft. The 3rd slide in the video deck is a long list of sites included in the content network. And for those that didn’t know Facebook is included in that list.

  • You can do negative keywords and negative websites.
  • You can set this at the ad group level.
  • You can bid differently for specific sites or as an ad group.
  • Website exclusions is key if you do a keyword based content ads. There’s a step by step walk through on how to add these.
  • The pros listed for using content ads were: improve ROI, reach potential new customers, boost brand exposure, enhance existing campaigns.
  • The “update for best position” feature is introduced here and how to do it.
  • If you enable “Networks and Websites” over keywords, you’ll be able to choose between specific websites you type in or the “Microsoft Media Network” (which is the only option) and goes to MS properties and publisher sites that will bring “high exposure.” It is recommended to use targeting in conjunction with this to narrow the audience you’re reaching out to.
  • Content network serves only text ads.

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