AdWords Bid Simulator Update

Portent Staff Jun 18 2009

As we all already know Google AdWords has beta testing the AdWords Bid Simulator feature since late May/early June. So what’s new since then? I’ll show you:
Previous screenshots of the new feature have not included this Cost versus Clicks graph, which gives you a nice visual on how your estimated stats will look like with an increase in bid.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much else on this new feature, it’s been like an Easter egg hunt just to even find campaigns that have it enabled.
What we do know:
It’s campaign based, not just account based. Last week I found it in a campaign, but this week, that same campaign no longer has the feature. But a campaign within that same account did.
If you click “use bid” next to your desired amount it populates the search bid field with that amount and the pop up with the estimates and graph goes away. No changes are made until you click “save changes.”
It does not appear to be in the new interface, only in the previous interface.
Even the AdWords Bid Simulator Reference Guide isn’t showing the graph feature in the screenshots of the product.
Look for the tiny blue print for “bid simulator” on your keyword list to see if you have it:
I’m curious if anyone else has found anything else new or is able to disprove any my theories!

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