BP's Buying the Oil Spill

ABC News posted a story over the weekend about one of BP’s latest efforts to control the complete and total beating that their reputation has taken and that is: buying PPC ads on keywords like “oil spill” “oil spill clean up” and “oil disaster gulf of mexico” at a rate predicted around $10,000 per day. A little light research shows an avg CPC around $1.22, which isn’t bad at all, but this is the ad they’re running:


Here’s the keyword they’re not buying but should be (if you’re going to spend $10k anyway):

Gulf of Mexico PPC

So why bring this up? Nevermind the political, social and corporate responsibility and blaming arguments that I could get into, it’s about the ad copy.

It lacks to say the least. (And yes, my favorite part is that they’re “helping” to clean up the mess they made. They’re such good citizens.)

I realize it’s just to trick less savvy internet folks into seeing BP’s defense to the whole mess. But here are the ads they should actually be running (warning- some more serious than others):

BP Oil Spil Ads

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