Complete Guide to Taking the Microsoft adExcellence Exam

It’s taken me longer than I wanted, but finally I have documented the highlights from each of the 32 videos (so that you don’t have to watch them all) and hopefully saved you a couple of hours at least. Total running time is 2hrs and 35mins, not counting load up time or any note taking time. Basically you can now complete what would have taken the length of watching Gone with the Wind and enjoy it at the rate of watching and an Adam Sandler movie.

The adCenter full length video training center doesn’t have ANY text versions, but it does have the handy “start the test” button at the bottom.

To start:
Have or create a Windows Live ID to take the exam. And create a profile.

Benefits of passing the exam are a logo/badge. Companies with 3 more individuals that pass it become members of the adExcellence Membership Directory a very bare bones looking directory of 1,000 members. (It looks like if you leave your company space blank it’ll sort you towards the top on the first page.)

It costs $50. It’s 100 questions long over a 90 minute time period. A passing score (80% or higher) is only good for a year and then you have to take it again.

The nice thing is once you pass, it does tell you what your pass rate was per section of the test.
adExcellence Exam Details

And now, all 7 sections in order- and yes each one at the bottom links to one before and after it. Happy studying!

Part 1: Introduction to Microsoft adCenter
Part 2: Getting Started
Part 3: Targeting
Part 4: Tracking Ad Performance
Part 5: Optimizing Ad Performance
Part 6: Microsoft adCenter Budgeting and Billing
Part 7: Microsoft adCenter Desktop (Beta)

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