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Pay-Per-Click advertising is a beautiful thing. Set up an AdWords or adCenter account and your ads can target thousands of potential customers looking for a product just like yours. Mmm, that’s nice.

But it can be complicated and difficult. Especially on a budget. And time consuming.

PPC Essentials Package

That’s why Portent is rolling out the PPC Essentials Package.

PPC Essentials is Portent’s expertly managed PPC package for businesses with paid search budgets under $3,000 per month. The package allows businesses operating on a small budget to have an account set up or managed by a certified AdWords/adCenter professional.

For $250 a month, Portent will provide professional campaign review and optimizations, including:

  • Compelling ad copywriting,
  • Keyword and negative keyword expansion lists,
  • Local, social, and product extension ads,
  • Strategic ad scheduling and day parting.

Portent will also perform quality score, CPC, and CTR reviews to make sure your account is running like a finely tuned machine. Working on your account throughout the month, we will test and tweak settings to bring you higher quality traffic, conversions, and leads.

As a part of this package, you will also receive end of the month reporting delivered to your inbox, access to a paid search expert, and our PPC Tip of the Month e-newsletter.

The best part is that there are no contracts. There’s no need to be worried about getting tied up in something that may not be what you really want. PPC Essentials gives business owners the flexibility to cancel service at any time.

Dive in and learn more about how Portent’s PPC Essentials Package can help your business today, or explore our other PPC Services for more information on our other paid search offerings.

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  1. Wow, that is an incredible deal. I certainly could have used this about 3 years ago. I hope you get a lot of takers!
    Good luck with this new offering.

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