Google Instant Search and PPC – What Does it Mean?

I couldn’t resist. A chance to reference double rainbow guy came along and I took it. You know you would too.
Google Instant Search launches, SEOs and PPCers alike start speculating, predicting and of course playing with it. But seriously, what does it means for PPC?
Here are the basics:
Google says ad impressions will only count in three instances:

  • the user clicks anywhere on the page after beginning to type a search query
  • the user chooses one of the predicted queries from Google Instant
  • the user stops typing and search results are shown for at least three seconds

Here’s what I don’t like about it- EVERYTHING. Here’s why:

    1. I agree with most of the clamoring amongst the PPC experts- it’s going to kill the long tail. The nice, cheap, well targeted long tail.
    2. Because it’s localized and I’m sorry- you’re not smarter than me yet. When I type a “W” I don’t want listings for Wal-Mart to populate. I was actually looking for “walnut monkey figurines.”
    3. 3 seconds is not long enough. Have you ever seen my grandma type? Or me? Sometimes I think change my mind mid-query.
    4. Google has still not separated out the search partner network from search. So potentially increased impressions on search plus partner network equals less control and more work for me.
    5. More impressions will lead to more clicks, more research. And therefore more revenue for Google. Not necessarily me.
    6. Does anyone else feel like Google is collecting every piece of information on you ever?
    7. Does this mean I should start bidding on keywords that are partial words? Is that how I beat the lack of a longtail search? Instead of “wedding invitations” I’ll need to start making lists like “wedding in?” (Note- in the time it took me to create this screenshot- an impression was counted.)

But it’s only been a day or two. Maybe this will be the greatest thing ever. (Uh huh, sure.) Which is why I also created this other list:
The Not-So-Serious List of Thoughts on Google Instant

    1. Google Caffeine had to go Instant eventually. Even Starbucks did it.
    2. This is basically ADHD for search.
    3. Twitter really is taking over. Soon even blog posts won’t be read unless they’re under 160 characters.
    4. Google Maps is creepy, but not creepy enough. Now we’ll watch you search and tell you what you want.
    5. Because even cyber-stalking has to move forward at some point.
    6. This is like the best dictionary ever now.
    7. I can’t wait until the 4G version comes out.
    8. You can’t make me forget, Microhoo is still coming….
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