Create a Google Product Search Feed

Google Products are listed on the search engine result pages of Google’s Shopping category.

Google Shopping Search

Each listing is a product that was submitted by a merchant. Listing your own products is free, so why not try it out?

Here’s how to set up your very own Google Product Feed.

  • Go to, click on "Data Feed" and login with your Google Account login.
  • Click on "create another account to manage" enter the name of your site, display URL and optional description.

Next we’ll create the feed.

  • Create a new Excel spreadsheet with these headings:
    1. Title
    2. Description
    3. Price
    4. Image link
    5. Link

Google Product Search Setup

These are the required attributes. After you get comfortable with product feeds you’ll be able to choose from many optional attributes too as well as additional information such as brand names, condition, ISBN or UPC codes.

  • If you USE Google Analytics, add a UTM code on the back end of all of the destination URLs. Otherwise, GA will attribute all sales and visits to Google organic search results.

I suggest using &utm_source=google+products. You can create your own tag if you prefer. This tag will also pick up the keywords that the user used while searching Google Shopping.

The easiest wat to add this code is to create a simple Excel formula.

  1. Go to a cell in your URL + Code column. (I’m using F17)
  2. Type = and the cell of the destination URL (=E17)
  3. Add  &"&utm_source=google+products"
  4. Your finished formula will be =E17&"&utm_source=google+products

  5. Copy the cell with your formula and paste in into to the rest of the cells in the same column.
  6. You should now have two columns of destination URLs, one without the code and one with the code.
  7. Select cells in the the column of new destination URLs, copy them then paste special as values on top of the original destination URLs.
  8. Delete the column with the formulas you just made.
  9. Save, using File – Save As, your document as a tab delimited text (.txt) file.

Voila! Your product feed is ready to upload into Google Shopping Search.

  • Return to your new Google Base account.
    1. Click New Data Feed.
    2. Create a name for your file.
    3. Select the appropriate category for your products.
    4. Click Register data feed and continue to formatting instructions
  • Now that you have registered your feed you are ready to upload your list of products!
    1. Click on Manual: upload file.
    2. Select your .txt file on your computer.
    3. Click "upload".

    Google will now upload and process your list of products. It can take as little as 5 minutes or as long as 48 hours depending on the size and complexity of your file. Wait at least a day before you search for your products and store.

    • Troubleshooting If your file is rejected, there will be an error message as to why. One thing to check is your settings. If you followed the above instructions, these should be what your settings look like if you click on "edit" next to the file name:

    Next Time: Taking this same file and making it work for MSN Live Search Products!

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    1. Is there any way to create product feed without incorporating required item -price? Our price is variable and negotiable and don’t want to display price.
      Please, suggest if we can upload the feed on Google merchant without price? Will it be processed and searchable in Google product search?

    2. Unfortunately no, that goes against Google’s policy- items must be of a fixed price.
      “Only items with fixed prices are allowed in Product Search; items with variable prices such as plane tickets or auctions are not valid. For items sold in bulk quantities the price for the lowest purchasable number of items must be defined in this attribute (not the per unit price) as described in our policies. All submitted prices must be in the correct must exactly match the price displayed on your website.”

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