Google Adwords Tutorial: Using Advanced Ad Scheduling

Ian Lurie Jul 11 2007

For all you Adwords users out there: Google’s released a new advanced adwords scheduling tool. It lets you increase or decrease your bids on a given day of the week. In this tutorial I review how to use it, and when to use it:

How to Use It

  1. Log into your Adwords account.
  2. Check the box labeled ‘ad scheduling’:
    Advanced Ad Scheduling - 1
  3. Click ‘Edit Times and Bids’.
  4. Click ‘switch to advanced mode’:
    Advanced Ad Scheduling - 2
  5. Click ‘edit’ next to the day you want to edit.
  6. In this example, I’m changing the bid on Wednesday to 22% higher than a normal day by entering 122% in the percentage field:
    Advanced Ad Scheduling - 3
  7. Click ‘Add’
  8. Repeat as necessary. Then click ‘Save Changes’.

When to Use It

I use advanced ad scheduling when I see a pattern like this:

Advanced Ad Scheduling - 4

For this client, the cost per lead jumps on Saturday and dips on Wednesday. I’d rather see a more level graph, if possible, and I know I can afford just over $4.00 per lead. So boosting Wednesday and dropping Saturday may bring me closer to the goal.

Also consider advanced ad scheduling if:

  • You are spending the same amount day over day but see huge differences in conversions.
  • You know you can use more frequent ad delivery on certain days.
  • You have a special offer on a particular day of the week, every week.
  • You want to substitute one ad campaign for another on a certain day of the week.

Hope this helps – please leave any questions in the comment area below:

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  1. Zach


    We have been using this new tool, it is great. What tool are you using to create your charts with cost per lead by day evaluation?

  2. ian


    Hi Zach,
    Just Excel, I’m afraid. Nothing fancy.

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