Microsoft AdCenter Finally Brings Us Custom Date Ranges

Portent Staff Jan 12 2009

Are you tired of having to run a report in AdCenter every time you want some stats that aren’t: Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Today, This Month, Last Month, Last 3 Months, Last 6 Months, This Year, Last Year or Entire Time?
Or in my case, I’m tired of deciphering just what would be 3 months after last year’s before entire time.
Do you feel that the gold colored “Loading” circle spinning and spinning and spinning was placed there just to taunt you?
The developers behind Microsoft AdCenter finally decided to stop loading up on predefined date ranges and now give you the ability of customize your own ranges!
According to the AdCenter blog post yesterday on new custom date range & filter options, the power is yours.
Just click the “change” link in the campaign or ad group you need to pull the performance data for, choose the date range, click “apply” and you’re off! The predefined date range options are still available too.
Finally. It’s really the little things in pay per click management that makes reporting and assessing accounts so much more efficient.
On another note, there’s one other treat that Microsoft AdCenter is releasing, also mentioned in the same post: custom filters to help refine data within your performance grids. It’s a very basic Excel functionality within AdCenter. Be sure to check it out.

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