MSN AdCenter Secrets- While They Last!

Portent Staff Aug 5 2010

Before the merge happens completely, it occurred to me that I should be sharing the tips and tricks that I had in my SMX Advanced presentation in June of this year. So you can either check out the full presentation for Test that Ad! below or just keep on reading for some great tidbits of things you can get away with in MSN AdCenter!

  • Use all CAPS in the headline.
  • While you can’t make the entire headline in capital letters- whole words most certainly can be. Check out the screenshot:

  • Use FREE FREE FREE in ad copy.
  • Seriously, you can. And yes, these ads do perform. I asked an AdCenter rep once about repetitiveness in ad copy and the rule was no more than 3. The ability to capitalize it was just a happy accidental bonus.

  • Facebook and MSN are search partners.
  • That means that whatever format the ad is accepted in AdCenter is how it shows in Facebook.

  • Sometimes you can even enter it directly into Facebook
  • facebook-msn-ad.jpg

  • Show up on Facebook more often for less!
  • MSN doesn’t allow for specific publisher placements, but exclude those less relevant publishers as much as possible with publisher performance reports. The chances of showing up on Facebook with “enhanced” ads increases.

  • Some MSN Search Partners to exclude
  • (MSN’s Fox Sports partner)

That’s probably enough for now. Trying not to get banned after all.