Give MSN adCenter Support Four Stars

Portent Staff Apr 21 2008

But give the actual interface a star and a half. (On a scale of four stars, Google being four.)

Almost every time I call MSN adCenter support for my various issues, be it basic account editing, billing, ad approval, keyword status or a general “what just happened?!”, I get top notch support and “I’m sorries”. While I find the helpful, apologetic and even sometimes even humorous answers great, I just wish I didn’t have to call them so much. Here is a short list of fun items that I have had to call about and have the support specialist come to my rescue for:

  • Opening an ad group and finding no ads there, even though I know darn well there are ads somewhere. There are clicks on keywords, I remember writing them, where did they go? Apparently there was a xml update that needed to be download and run. Surprise!
  • Credit card was rejected, I got the card cleared off, but now what? You have to call and ask the support representative to manually re-try the card. There is no “retry card” button.
  • Used the copy campaign feature to create additional ad groups/campaigns. But every time I changed an ad in group A, the ad in group B changed to the text from group A and vice-versa. I suspected this had to do with the copying tool and sure enough, adCenter automatically assigns them the same ID, which means they are the same ad. Sure this is great if you were say, geo-targeting across several states, wanted to run the same ad, change it once and the rest of the ad groups pick it up automatically. The issue was why would I assume that would be the case? Why would that be intuitive? Where was the warning, disclaimer, ANYthing informing me that this might happen? I asked the representative if they could add that to the list of things that weren’t such a good idea, that I know they have there, and she laughed. A lot. That list must fill an entire filing cabinet.
  • Haven’t called for this one yet, I just really like it. The error page when adCenter just simply stops working,
    “Microsoft adCenter is experiencing problems.” Really? I would say that’s just the tip of the iceberg….
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