No Deep Secrets In PPC Marketing

Portent Staff Aug 1 2008

If you’re like me, you have your
Google Reader set up
to feed you all the latest, greatest and newest news, tips and tricks in the world
of pay-per-click marketing. At the very least you’re set up to receive recaps or
topical news items.

I noticed that when I receive recaps from
Search Engine Land,
Search Engine Watch,
SEO Roundtable and their
like, their stories rarely match up with the muck and the ilk I find in my Google Reader.
Why? Because respectable news sources like the sites I linked to filter out articles
from zealous spam laden proprietors whose sole purpose in life is to make The

What is The Promise?

The Promise is revealing to you the deep secrets of making money with
PPC. These people promise to

  • Make you filthy rich by using paid advertising
  • Teach you
    how to generate incredible numbers of leads
  • Give you the deep, dark insider secrets

Sound to good to be true? Well duh.

Any paid search marketer worth their salt knows there aren’t any deep secrets
in the world of PPC. There are no companies with special deals with the
search engine that allows them to buy clicks at a lower cost per click. Nor are
there secret tracking codes or back doors that allow some companies to have their
ads show more often over others.

Yes, there are tips, strategies and different ideas that you can use in a PPC
campaign, but these are far from being deep secrets locked in a wall safe or a one
size fits all solution. If a company promises super advertising techniques
or make money now, do what the everyone else does, run away. Run far far
away. Run fast…faster.

How can you filter out Promise sites?

  • Look for any site summary that begins with the definition of what pay per
  • Look for a generic comparison like PPC vs. PPA or PPC vs. Lead
    Generation Services

Post like these are usually repetitive and useless, or they contain a ton of
paid links or content network ads. Unless one of those links goes to a $50 credit
that you can redeem on Google AdWords, run away.

  • If their main premise is traffic, run away.

Sure, they’ll get you traffic all right, but the quality of that traffic will
be sketchy. Unless your entire goal is sheer volume – not page views, not conversions,
not sign ups or not anything specific that can lead to a stream of income or targeted
promotion, run away.

In the world of PPC you get back the time and the money you invest. If you look
for insider secrets, quick fixes and sneakiness, you’ll wish you had run away from
the bad man selling shiny candy.

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  1. This a great warning for people new to search. When I started learning about SEO, I found a lot of spam and false promises. I’m actually just getting started in paid search and was wondering if there are any PPC blogs you’d recommend? The sites you linked to don’t touch on strategy very often.

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