Pay Per Click: Time of Day Matters

Ian Lurie Oct 30 2006

Just finished an experiment with a client. First, this was the situation: They wanted the #1 position for their biggest keyphrase. But they couldn’t afford it – they received too many clicks in the course of the day.

We reviewed their site and sales statistics, and noticed that most of their customers arrived at lunch time and just before the end of the workday. So, we only spent top dollar for the top positions on Google when they were likely to get customers. Instead of buying the #1 spot 24 hours/day, we bought it for 4 hours/day.

The result: They are spending 30% less, with the same sales.

Pay-per-click marketing lets you adjust bids very quickly. If you can figure out your customers’ buying patterns, you can capitalize, reduce costs, and boost sales.

tags : conversation marketing