PPC Hero’s Ultimate Guide is Even Better Than the Real Thing

Ryan Moothart Aug 9 2011

Google AdWords has an indicator it uses to measure the value and fidelity of any given advertising account: the all-mighty quality score. OK, I’m exaggerating the eminence of this barometer just a bit, but it’s still a highly important measurement that every PPC account manager has to be consistently aware of.

Google AdWords Quality ScoreFor those that are relatively inexperienced with the finer-workings of paid search, it’s understandable how you could think “quality score” and focus most of your attention on keywords. When I began managing PPC accounts that’s where I focused, as keyword quality scores were the most visible. However, the Google AdWords quality score has a lot more to it. You could try searching through Google’s help center to gather all the information you need about all the different quality scores (keywords, ads, landing page, etc.), how they’re all calculated, and how they affect your account…

Or, you could learn everything you would ever need to know about Google AdWords quality score in approximately 12 minutes and 42 seconds by using the Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords Quality Score from PPC Hero.

Long story short, they nailed it. The guide is written in four sections, each organized very clearly and written concisely. Their prose is brief, direct and works perfectly for anyone who needs all this information fast. Google’s help center couldn’t explain everything better. In this sense, PPC Hero’s ultimate guide is even better than the real thing (and if you get that this cliché is a play on one of U2’s songs, then you’re an awesome person).

Do yourself a favor and don’t waste time – just use the ultimate guide. You’ll never question how the AdWords quality score works ever again and you might even realize a few things that could help accounts you manage.

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