PPC Villain: PPC Worst Practices Blog

Ian Lurie Dec 20 2007

My staff are a bit of a sick bunch. That’s why I like them.
The PPC team has put together a PPC worst practices site: PPCVillain.com.
There are plenty of best practices sites, after all.
Here’s the first of what we hope will be many instructional videos:

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  1. I love the advice!
    Make complete sense!
    Who created the artwork for the PPV character? I digg it.

  2. Jill


    This video was simply fabulous. It reminded me of the voice in those Carbon videos on NPR’s website. Just a wonderful job, and a nice laugh for those of us that watch our pay-per-click campaigns too closely. I’ve added this to my own blog…just wonderful.

  3. Ian


    @imnotadoctor: One of my staff did it. We have some pretty good cartoonists here. I shudder to think what they draw me as…
    @Jill: Thanks! I got a huge laugh out of it too.

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