9 Tips for Setting Up an AdCenter Account from Scratch

  1. It’s free to sign up! AdWords charges you $5 for account activation.
  2. Don’t dump your entire AdWords account in. That’s just silly. Use the 80/20 rule. 20% of what you’re doing in Google can go over to adCenter. Just like a house fire, take only what you treasure most. Then accumulate later.
  3. There are settings hiding at the ad group AND campaign levels. Like the networks you’re about to advertise on. If you have settings at both the ad group and campaign levels- the ad group level TRUMPS the campaign settings.
  4. Don’t do the Content and the Search Partner network to start with. Stick to Search only first. See how that treats you.
  5. Geography by default is set to ALL locations. This means Afghanistan and 200 other places. Do yourself a favor and change that. (Unless of course, that is what you want….)
  6. Don’t do incremental bids to start with. Start with manual bids.Wait and see what happens their before jacking up bids 20% on Mondays between 7am-12pm to women.
  7. Start higher on the max bid per ad group and come down if needed. The traffic is less than on Google, start hot, cool down.
  8. TAG your ADS. The back end of any destination URL in the account (be it an ad or keyword level) must have a UTM tag appended to it in order to show up to Google Analytics as paid search. Otherwise, it will be classified as Bing organic by default. Use this UTM generator to help you out.
  9. Dynamic keyword insertion doesn’t do initial caps-unless your keyword list is entered in like “Initial Caps.” If you do like normal humans and have your list all in lowercase- DKI will pull it in as is, no matter what you do (adCenter has announced that this process will be updated and improved in the near future). If you want to use initial caps but not change your keyword list, use {param2} which will display exactly as you put it.

That’s it. That’s 9. If you want more, you’ll just have to come back another day or do yourself a favor and subscribe to the Portent Blog RSS feed.

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