Taking the Microsoft AdExcellence Exam Part 6

Part 6 is finally here! Yeah, I know. About time. Who’s read for some Budgeting and Billing?

Microsoft adCenter Budgeting (2:08)

This two minute video just goes over the different options: divide across the month or per day or the spend until depleted with definitions.

Daily budget is a “target” and the actual spend will very and works best if you want to make regular changes to your budget.

Spend until depleted- is what it is.

Divide across the month- daily budget is calculated by AdCenter by total remaining amount/number of days left in the month. This is the one where you can hit a “budget pause” at the end of the month.


Bidding (2:56)

This section goes over what a max CPC is (which by part 6, you know by now) and how the bidding works in relation to monthly budget and placement on the page where the ad appears in a search result.

Options: bid by match type, same for all keyword, individual keywords or incremental bids.

Content network: set the same bid for all placements or for separate placements.

Use the bid estimation tool- or the bid to position 1 tool to see estimated costs and traffic:


Then the video goes over (again) how to change or update bids after an ad group has been created.

Microsoft adCenter Billing (1:50)

This section goes over specifically how adCenter billing works. Specifically to note when you start your account, that day is your “billing cycle” day. On that day every month you card is charged whatever is outstanding and this day CANNOT be changed.

The billing threshold is assigned per account, per your credit limit- assigned to your account. The credit card threshold starts at $50, then $100, $500, $1,000 or you can hit that friendly “bill me now” button any time.

So a brand new credit card account will be billed at $50, then $100 and so on until you’ve established the credit to go a whole month (if you don’t hit $1,000) that you’ll be automatically billed on your “billing cycle day.”

PayPal is an accepted form of payment as well and be sure to check your alert panel for any billing issues. You can change to PayPal at any time.

They then go into where to go in your account to see billing statements, your threshold, cycle day, invoice numbers.


Since they actually threw this last slide in as “key points to remember” I put it in here as well:


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