Dear Yahoo, Please Stop Showing My Ads for EVERYthing

Dear Yahoo,
While I admit that I was pretty annoyed with the Google session based keyword searches, I have to say that Yahoo has them beat. Ever since they advanced “advanced” matching that’s been taking over in PPC accounts, keywords that used to see 3,000 impressions in a month are now seeing 3,000 within a week.
My Yahoo reps explained to me that it had to do with increasing traffic and trying to tell me that I was getting more for my money. What I actually find is that is quite the opposite. Based on the back end keyword query reports I have been requesting to see exactly what is triggering my ad, I’m building quite the negative keyword list. The key difference between these reports is that at least with the Google session based keywords I saw a couple of conversion and the frequency was far less.
Yahoo seems to be pumping out my ad at every chance they get. Include the word “free” anywhere in your keyword and sky is the limit, damn the relevancy. Change the match type to standard over advanced and cut off the traffic almost completely for anything over two words. Can’t we have a medium or phrase match? Or at least a report I can run on my own to see what kinds of highway robbery might be occurring? The answer from Yahoo is to add to you negative keyword list, but just like with Google, should I really have to be gleaning through lines and lines of data constantly? Couldn’t you just make your targeting better? (Hate to state the obvious here, ahem.)
As with the post on Google’s session based matching, I bring you the highlights from a Yahoo report:
The keyword is “free bicycle”
The winners are:
bicycle trial
bicycle solitare free
animated bicycle
bicycle clip art free
bicycle blank
free old
your free atlanta
bike funny
Add dynamic insertion ads to this and you’ve got yourself quite the mess. What this tells me two things, while the reports are chock full of potential long tail, VERY low traffic keywords, there are also full of some wacky queries. If you have to used advanced match in Yahoo, the lesson seems to be to add each word of your whole keyword as a negative.
For another account about a first grade math game, I had to add negative keywords of “game” “first grade” and “math”.” If I choose the standard match for that keyword I end up with almost no impressions, which is just another example of if Yahoo doesn’t get it together, they will be MicroHoo very soon and without the “hoo.”
Since they launch of their new ad campaign for “It’s You” I have yet to see how this will help me find what I am looking for if I type in “free bicycle in seattle” and come back with ads for a “free old” or a “animated bicycle.”
Sorry Yahoo, it’s not me. It’s YOU.

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