Yahoo’s Panama, Day 2

Ian Lurie Feb 6 2007

I’m tracking statistics for two clients, now, to see how Panama affects them.

One client is in a very competitive education market. Since Panama launched, their clickthrough percentage has risen from .5% to 1%. Click rate is up about 30%, too, but so is our cost per click. Which is OK, though, because as of now our conversion rate from Yahoo is up by about 15%.

The other client sells consumer goods online. Since Panama launched, their clickthru rate has actually dropped from 2.5 to 2%. However, the number of clicks are up by about 50%, and the cost per click is down $.11. Revenue from Yahoo pay per click is up by about 10%.

It’s a little early, but if I were forced to make a judgment, I’d say that the new algorithm is getting us better quality traffic.

I’ll do a full report at the end of the week…

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