10 ways to get into big trouble in marketing

Ian Lurie Apr 29 2012

  1. Base your campaigns on the ‘average’ customer.
  2. Only follow the data.
  3. Never follow the data.
  4. Skimp on content.
  5. Wait for perfection (hint – you’ll never get it).
  6. Leave design to designers (hint – you need to know about it, too).
  7. Leave development to developers (hint – see above).
  8. Micromanage.
  9. Use empty controversy as an outreach tool.
  10. Ignore the art in what you do.


  1. Perry


    Not paying close enough attention to my content was one of my first major errors. In the beginning of my marketing efforts i often had a lot of difficulty in comming up with compelling and appropriate content for my review sites. However now that i am including more targeted content my sites conversion rate has more than doubled.

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