2010 SEMMY Winner: You like me! You really really like me!

Ian Lurie Feb 1 2010

I’m probably way too excited about this, but hey, it’s stuff like this that compensates for lots of nights writing blog posts. Thanks to everyone who voted for my post, 10 Questions to evaluate a social media ‘expert’.

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  1. Congratulations Ian! Well played sir…
    I’m glad you got some props for your article. I want to make certain you keep pumping out blog posts here at Conversation Marketing.
    Thanks again!

  2. Congrats Ian! You deserve it.
    I read a few of the other articles on the poll and as far as the ones I read (the one’s with boring titles already lost in my book) you won fair and square. Keep it up.

  3. Kim


    Congratulations,Ian! Well deserved. Completely agree with @Laurence. Fair and square.
    I’d like to see you win something for the eHow reporting…you helped a lot of folks out with that one.

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