3 Bits of Advertising Wisdom from Mad Men

Ian Lurie Nov 25 2007

I just started watching Mad Men. After one episode, I’m hooked.
That first episode offers some great lessons if you’re in advertising:

  1. Inspiration has a place. At one point, the main character, drawing a blank about an account (a tobacco account, so I wasn’t necessarily rooting for him), draws a great idea out of thin air. That rarely happens. But it does happen. Sometimes you have a great idea that can’t be backed up by research, and you have to run with it anyway.
  2. Advertising, in part, is there to make people happy. If you’re creating internet marketing, print advertising or anything else, what about the product or service will make improve folks’ lives? It sounds corny, but there is nothing more compelling. People bought pet rocks because they made them happy. They could’ve gone into their yards and adopted a rock from their front lawn, but bought a rock, instead.
  3. Speak the truth. Believe in what you’re selling. You can’t be convincing if you don’t. Plus, frankly, if you lie, you suck.
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