3 ‘Viral’ Projects

Ian Lurie Jan 5 2008

biohazardI don’t like the phrase ‘viral marketing’. If marketing works, it’s viral. If it doesn’t, it’s not.
However, my team just completed three projects that are worthy of the title:
PPCVillain.com, a hilarious look at how not to conduct a PPC campaign. Watch the first tutorial video – it’s worth it.
DesigningWithGod.com, a blasphemous yet funny site about design. Again, watch the video. Or call the 888 number. Just please remember it’s in good fun, and don’t throw bricks through my office window.
Marketing Math, an OS X Dashboard widget that lets you do some of the basic marketing calculations.
They had a lot of fun creating these, and it shows. Enjoy!

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  1. Actually, I like the term “viral marketing.”
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  2. Chris Furniss

    Chris Furniss

    I dislike the term viral marketing because it’s too easy. It’s misused as a buzzword, and everyone knows that buzzwords are the refuge of the uninteresting, the uninventive and the passive aggressive. Amirite?

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