A Christmas Present for Ian

Ian Lurie Dec 20 2007

OK, I’m Jewish. Hanukkah is over. But I still like Christmas*, too.
This year, you don’t have to buy me anything. All you have to do is subscribe to my blog’s RSS feed.
I’m currently at 480 subscribers. My goal was to hit 500 this year. Which pales by comparison to most marketing bloggers, but it’d make me smile.
Subscribing is easy. It’s free. It’s painless. Just click here:
Then you can get lots of conversational goodness in your RSS feed reader in 2008.
What? You don’t have a feed reader? Join the 21st century and get Google Reader.

* For those who’ve followed the saga of my back, you know it hasn’t been great lately. Two weeks ago I went out with my family to chop down a Christmas tree. I threw it out, again. I have to point out that no one ever injured their back lighting a Menorah.

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  1. Adam


    Subscribed! :) Found you thru twitter… don’t know who ya are yet but maybe I’ll stick around and find out! I hope you reach 500!

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