AppSumo special on my SEO Copywriting e-book

Ian Lurie Jun 9 2011

All good things come to an end, it seems. This deal has expired. You can buy the book for only $2 more, on my site. Or wait and see what the Sumo brings next.

seo copywriting ebook

I’ve always been a bit scared of the AppSumo. His tough talk. His topknot. That smug smile.
But it turns out he’s a pretty nice guy. He stopped by my blog a little while ago and said “Yo, Ian, I like your e-books. Can I offer one of ’em?”
I blinked in surprise and said “Yes”.
So, today, you can buy the Unscary, Real-World Guide to SEO Copywriting for $5. Go to AppSumo for the deal.
Why are you still here?
[ SEO Copywriting E-Book on AppSumo ]

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  1. Dan


    sold out ( : planning any re-editions?

  2. Ian


    @Dan Not of the individual book. It’s only $7 regular price. We might be introducing a package deal of multiple books soon, though.

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