April Fool’s Roundup, ’cause I’m a Sheep

Ian Lurie Apr 1 2008

I rarely do lists of links, but thought it worthwhile today. Some of these were jokes. Some, I just wish were jokes:

And with that, I’ve realized that all of us bloggers already posted thousands of lists of April Fool’s jokes today, so I’ll stop in hopes of retaining a tiny shred of dignity.

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  1. Matt


    My favorite that almost got me was the Techcrunch Sues Facebook.
    *shortened with tipurl cause the original link was falling out of the post during preview due to length*
    *off topic* Are you planning to return to your site reviews any time soon? Just curious. :-)

  2. Ian


    @Matt Yup, actually hoping to finish a site review today. Sorry I’ve been a bit inconsistent…

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