Ian Lurie Oct 10 2007

Made you look!

That headline made no sense, of course. But you looked.

That seems to be the way to get attention in the blogging world these days.

When top-ranking Yahoo folks make the astonishing claim that fewer downloads will make a page load faster and get featured on O’Reilly for it, and others stuff entire blogs with obvious or blatantly untrue/unresearched claims, it gives me a stomach ache.

Steve Rubel declares that the Geek Marketer is an emerging career path. Really? What’s been going on for the last 10 years, then?

Stoney deGeyter proudly states that Content Is Dead in an effort to acquire readers. C’mon, now. Dead? I don’t think so, and neither does he. But it was an easy sound bite.

Right now there are 13 million items on Google that include ‘is dead’ in their title. Of the top 10, 8 are ridiculous or clearly just an effort to make you look.

Yet we’re reading their stuff.

So, let’s see how many visits/trackbacks this story gets. Consider it a social experiment, testing substance against bullshit.

Ian goes to get a Tums…

PS: I got thinking about this because of Jeremiah’s post about gaining trackbacks.

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  1. Miles


    It worked on me.

  2. Yes, I always look at “BLOG STUPIDHEAD DUMB POOP BLOG!!!!!!!!!!” because I am,actually, a 6-year-old boy at heart. Giggle giggle.

  3. OK – I admit to clicking on this link faster than ANY other link I’ve received from you, Ian. I’m embarrassed but will now rethink every straightforward title I create for my posts. Now MY stomach hurts.

  4. Amy


    OK, I admit that your headline made me click. I hear those words often from my six year old son but not usually out in the business world.

  5. ian


    I borrowed the material from my own resources. My 5- and 7-year olds definitely approve.

  6. Chris


    I lol’d.

  7. Yup me too! Fell for it! I had an immediate flashback first though to having small children and all their potty humor. I remember “stupidhead” and everything being prefaced by “poop” quite well! I found your observations out in the business marketing world really interesting and thought provoking. Thanks!

  8. Linda Keith

    Linda Keith

    So how do I make that work with tax return analysis? TAX RETURNS…STUPID DUMB POOP IRS!!!
    You think that’ll work?

  9. ian


    Well, it’d sure get the IRS’ attention.

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