Blogging Tip of the Day: Check Comments on Foreign Language Blogs!

Ian Lurie Jul 17 2007

Always check the comments on foreign language blogs. You never know what folks are saying.

If your blog or site gets a lot of traffic from another country, be sure to use Google Translate to read the comments. got a huge hit from last night – 500 new sites in just under 4 hours. I found out by looking at my Google Analytics data:

Google Analytics Data

My German is respectable – I could make out that a couple of folks saw problems, and that they couldn’t get their sites to show up. I cut-and-paste the comments into Google Translate, found the bug they reported, and had it fixed right away.

Now I’ve got someone who’s German grammar is better than mine editing the response I wrote. I’ll post it on as soon as they’re done.

tags : conversation marketing