Book Review: Me 2.0 – Building a Personal Brand

Ian Lurie Apr 8 2009

I just finished reading Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success.
Usually, when a book title includes things like ‘brand’ and ‘success’ or a book deals with a topic like ‘personal branding’ I buy the book based on its ability to act as a doorstop.
But I’ve been reading Dan Schawbel’s blog for a while and have always liked his stuff. So I gave this one a go.
It reads well, and (gasp) provides actual, individual steps and ideas for building a personal brand.
This is not a ‘how to get a job’ book. That’s important. It’s also a good thing. Personal branding is important. It’s just that very few writers get it right.
Dan does, so you need to buy this book. Two thumbs up. Four if I had ’em.

tags : conversation marketing