Clearing Bloggage in 7 Easy Steps

Ian Lurie May 10 2007

Have you looked at any presidential candidate’s blogs lately?

How many are actually written by the candidate?

I know they’re busy and all. But something like half of the world that uses the internet looks to blogs for unvarnished, or maybe just partly varnished, peek at what the candidates are thinking.

So why doesn’t Hillary write on her own blog? How about Barack? Or John McCain (who looks so down in the dumps these days that I can’t refer to him by first name, sorry).

I suspect that it comes down to a phrase I coined yesterday with the help of Lenora Edwards: They are experiencing a Bloggage.

A bloggage occurs when you’ve got lots of good ideas, but you’re afraid to write them on the blog until you’ve thought them through and have it just right. It’s verbal constipation.

But it’s curable. No drugs necessary.

A quick 5-second exercise: Take a piece of paper. Now, write down the first thought that comes to mind. A phrase. Write it. NOW.

That was hard, huh? It shouldn’t be, but your ego and super-ego are playing ping pong with everything your id tries to send to the world.

Assuming you’re not George Bush, and you can pronounce nuclear, and you don’t try to give heads of state back massages, you need to train your id and super-ego to let your ego have a little fun.

Try these seven steps:

  1. Think of something you saw, did, heard or read today that made you happy/unhappy/agree/disagree.
  2. Write it down.
  3. Now think: Why did you react as you did? Write that down. Don’t worry about spelling or ‘great writing’. No one’s going to read this yet.
  4. What would you change about the item that inspired the reaction? Write that down, too.
  5. What should someone (the reader) do about it?
  6. Walk away from what you just wrote down. Come back in 10 minutes.
  7. Reread it. How does it sound? Pretty good? Congratulations. You’ve written your first blog post. Type it into your blog, and you’re good to go.

Here’s an example from my own blog. Note the headline describes what I read. The body describes why I feel as I do. Then I include what you can do next:
Try the 7-step exercise daily, for 5 days. I’ll bet you’ll be writing regularly (sorry, horrible pun, couldn’t resist) in no time.

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  1. Top Article! Will definitely do the 5 day test.
    Thanks Ian!

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